Webinar Attendance

Why it’s important

Webinar Attendance measures the number of individuals who are attending the Webinars you host. This can be used as a marker of customer interest in the content or service which is being discussed. If such content is being marketed then you can also use your Webinar Attendance figures to evaluate the success of your associated campaigns – this is most effective when using UTM campaigns to track by source. If your maximum number of attendees is capped, you may also wish to view Webinar Attendance as a percentage of your total allowed limit. Thus allowing you to determine how efficiently you are using your available slots. A low percentage may indicate that your use of Webinars is not proving cost-effective, whilst a high percentage should be celebrated.

Making the KPI

Step One

Most Webinar hosting solutions allow you to record the total number of attendees. If you simply want to view your overall figures, then simply formatting that data appropriately and importing will allow you to view your desired metric. Below we’re going further and tracking our Webinar Attendance figures by Webinar. This allows us to measure customer interest in the content we’re producing, in order to more effectively determine where to invest our time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.45.31

Step Two

Once imported, we can simply add our Webinar Attendance category to a report and display it as we wish:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.48.54



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