Takt time

Why it’s important

Takt Time is a metric used to calculate the rate at which items need to be produced in order to satisfy customer demand for the product.

Making the KPI

Step One

To calculate Takt Time you will need to know:

  1. Available Work Time
  2. Customer Demand Rate

Available Work Time is the amount of time in minutes or seconds that you have available to work on manufacturing the product. As an example, let’s say that you will be allocating three shifts a week to producing the item, each nine hours in length to the task. After subtracting all time lost to breaks and multiplying by 60 you will have your Available Work Time in minutes. Multiply¬†again to obtain the time in seconds.

Customer Demand Rate is the amount of items that are required to be produced per week to meet your Customer’s requirements. If you have received a large order, which requires you to produce 25,000 items per week, then your Customer Demand Rate would be this value divided by the number of days designated to work on the item.

Both Available Work Time and Customer Demand Rate are Non-financial values which can be imported into FUTRLI via CSV. You may wish to import these values broken down by particular items as in the example below:

Takt Time CSV Import

Step Two

After your data has been imported into FUTRLI, you can calculate Takt Time by dividing Available Work Time by Customer Demand:

Takt Time Formula

Step Three

Once you’ve entered your calculation you can view your resultant metric on a Card:

Takt Time Card

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