Client Growth Rate


In firms in which more clients equals more revenue, tracking the growth in the number of clients on the firm’s books reveals whether the firm is expanding or contracting. A high growth rate should be celebrated as a sign of success, whereas a low growth rate may indicate that the firm is struggling to attract and to win business. The latter may require a strategic overhaul or for additional funds to be invested into marketing.

Making the KPI

Step One

To display the growth in Client Numbers, the number of Clients on your firm’s books will have to be recorded at regular reporting intervals (for example weekly, monthly, quarterly…). This information would then be imported into FUTRLI via CSV.

Step Two

Once imported, you can show the growth in Client Numbers by subtracting your number of Clients this period from your number of Clients last period, and then dividing by your number of Clients this period. You can select last period’s data using Period Offset.

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