Billable Hours


For Law Firms which charge by the hour there exists a direct correlation between Billable Hours and Revenue. Maximising Billable Hours is thus essential in order to optimise Income. By measuring Billable Hours by Staff Member you can use it as a Performance metric in order to evaluate each individual’s revenue contributions.

Making the KPI

First we’re going to need to source our Billable Hours. As this is Non-financial in nature, we will need to import this information via CSV. If we wish to break this down by Staff Member, then we can use FUTRLI Parent/Child dichotomy to import this information so that the necessary granularity is ensured. Simply use Billable Hours as your Parent name and the name of the Staff member as your Child name. Once imported you can display the KPI by simply adding Billable Hours to your Card. Toggle Child accounts to display if you wish to see this broken down by Staff Member.

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