Profit per Site

Why it’s important

Profit per site measures how much revenue is being generated at each location in which the business is physically operating. This is an essential metric for Franchises, or those with multiple shopfronts, offices or multiple locations, as it allows visibility over where the business is performing strongly and conversely, where there is room for improvements. Low profits may indicate management inefficiency or operational problems which require further investigation. When cross-checked against regions or areas of the country, this can used as an indicator of where a Brand is performing most strongly, and thus where further expansion may be fruitful or where it should be avoided.

How to create it 

Step One

To create our metric in FUTRLI we’ll need to know:

  1. Income per Site

This information can be sourced from your accountancy platform of choice using distinct nominal codes or tracking categories to designate income by location. Alternatively, you could import this information into FUTRLI via CSV. We would recommend using Tracking to calculate this metric.

Step Two

With Tracking, Income per Site can be calculated simply by creating a Tracking Card, selecting the appropriate Tracking Option and then adding Income to your Report Card.

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