Student Attendance Rate


Student Attendance Rate measures the percentage of Students who are attending the classes, lectures or seminars you provide within a given timeframe. By breaking this down by class type or age group you may expose particular problem areas, which need to be addressed in order to heighten Student engagement. Maintaining a high Student Attendance Rate is important as it is generally accepted that low Attendance is a sign of disengagement, which will ultimately contribute towards lower academic performance.

Making the KPI

Step One

To calculate your Student Attendance Rate you will need to keep a log or register of when Students attend your classes, which should then be uploaded so that you can view a broken down total of Student Attendance across all of the classes that you provide. This information can then be uploaded and graphed in FUTRLI by uploading this data via CSV. Below we are importing the overall Student Attendance Rate for each year group in the month of October:

Student Attendance Rate by Year Group

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