Dry Sales Gross Profit

Why it’s important

Within the Hospitality sector, Dry Sales (or Food sales depending upon your lexicon of choice) refers to the revenue generated from the sale of cooked and uncooked Food. Dry Sales Gross Profit measures how much profit is being earned on food sales after direct, associated costs have been taken into account. A low Gross Profit may indicate that costs are too high or that prices are too low.

How to create it 

Step One

To calculate our Dry Sales Gross Profit we’ll need to know:

  1. Our Food Sales
  2. Our direct Food Costs

This information can be sourced directly from your accountancy platform of choice using distinct nominal codes or tracking. Alternatively, you can import this information into FUTRLI via CSV.

Step Two

Once you have all of the necessary data, you can calculate Dry Sales Gross Profit by subtracting your Food Sales by your Food Costs, or calculate Dry Sales Gross Profit % by dividing your Food Costs by your Food Sales.

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